Olympic Heroes

Ian and Sir Steve Redgrave are old school friends, so it was an honour to craft the presentation box for Steve’s five Olympic Gold Medals; presented to the rowing legend on the TV programme This Is Your Life. Ian later made a similar hand-crafted box for Sir Matthew Pinsent as well as a Mahogany Display Cabinet. 
Sir Steve’s box is made of Mahogany & Strawberry Wood, inlaid with a Kingwood surround. 


Art Deco

Ian created furniture and units using simple curves with stylish detail to blend-in sympathetically with their Art Deco surroundings. Careful consideration needed to be taken to ensure the proportions were correct to suit the size of the room. The project included bookcases with desk, wall panelling with radiator casings and units either side of the fire-place in a room measuring 10m x 8m.



Over the years Ian has been asked to create a variety of staircases, these three examples highlight the different forms Ian’s designs take to accomplish their task.
1) A staircase built in sympathy with its 450 year old surroundings. All the details were subject to approval by the National Heritage Trust and Local Authority.
2) Use of a curved handrail where the lower section is removable to allow for furniture to be moved.
3) An outside stairway made from Iroka (an African hardwood) leading up to a studio space.


Curved Work

Curves form an integral part of many of Ian’s designs.
1) Use of “Bonnet Tops” to blend in with the existing structure which included “Portal Frames” over 6metres high.
2) A curved unit sympathetic to its alcove space.
3) Curved drinks cabinet made from Maple with Birds Eye Maple for the panels.



Much of Ian’s work is designed and built for contemporary homes, or in many cases clients want a more modern look for their furniture and units. These examples show simple bookcases including spaces for TV and stereo equipment, solid polished tops, complementary study furniture and oak starircases.



Wood Flooring


High quality wooden flooring



Many clients live in older properties and require furniture and units to blend in with the classic feel of their properties. Ian’s experience with buildings of all vintages enables him to design new pieces that blend sympathetically with their surroundings, no matter what their vintage. In many cases his cases, cabinets and units look as though they have always lived in the home they enhance.